Isang Babae, Sinampal ng 52 Beses ang kanyang BF dahil lamang Hindi Nabilhan ng SMARTPHONE - The Daily Sentry

Isang Babae, Sinampal ng 52 Beses ang kanyang BF dahil lamang Hindi Nabilhan ng SMARTPHONE

Screenshot photo from NewsAlertSG/Youtube
Do you celebrate valentine’s day with your lover? If yes, how do you celebrate the day?

Most couples celebrate valentine’s day to express their love and affection to their loved one. While others spend the day doing activities as a couple, or going on a trip, others give gifts to show their love. However, one couple attracted a crowd in a Mall in China on Chinese valentine’s day, and it was not a romantic scene at all.

China stands proud as a big nation, and they love to declare their own holidays. For example, while the whole world celebrates New Year on January 1, the Chinese does not have a specific date of their new year but instead bases on the first full moon between January 21 and February 20. Now, they also have their own Valentine’s Day. Instead of February 14, they celebrate theirs on May 20 which is ‘5.20’ (five two zero- ‘wu er ling’) that sounds similar to ‘i love you’ (wo ai ni).
Screenshot photo from NewsAlertSG/Youtube
A couple in a mall in Dazhou, Sichuan, China, were the center of attention this recent Chinese valentine’s day. A woman was h1tting her boyfriend in front of a crowd and onlookers were outraged as they learned the reason why. Apparently, the woman was h1tting him because she wanted her boyfriend to buy her a smart phone but he wouldn’t.
Screenshot photo from NewsAlertSG/Youtube
Police arrived and questioned the man about what happened. He explained that he had promised his girlfriend that he will buy her the smart phone because the girl had to always spend the money for him. Unfortunately he did not have enough money to buy her the phone that’s why she got m4d.

Many noticed that the guy did not even f1ght back for the duration of the commotion and were impressed. The guy explained that he just waited for her an6er to subside and calm down. The scene was caught in CCTV.
Screenshot photo from NewsAlertSG/Youtube
Screenshot photo from NewsAlertSG/Youtube
Observant netizens pointed out that she had h1t him 52 times during their f1ght. Which is a lot for someone who is upset over a br0ken promise of a smartphone.

Watch the video below:
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