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Paredes makes his first ever interview since his controversial video

A few months ago, APO Hiking Society's Jim Paredes was seen in a controversial video.

On the said clip that went viral, it appears that the APO member, while without any clothing, seemed to be talking with someone in a video call. 

Many speculated that what Paredes was doing was some sort of what millenials are doing.

Currently, the singer seems to be returning in the limelight as he makes his comeback anew. 

In his recent interview from TV5, the singer-songwriter said he is grateful and hopeful that he continue to write for the soundtrack of people's lives and their milestones. According to him, these are the events in human life that Paredes sees as his chance to connect with his audience.

"Sa APO sinabi namin na ano, we want to be the ones who will write the soundtrack of their birthday, binyag, kasal, blessing ng bahay.." he said, explaining that his goal was to make Filipinos sing and dance in their own music and not some other country's.

Asked what his fans can expect from his return, he said he is presently doing an album on his own, adding that though their group already stopped performing together, he and Boboy, one of APO's members, still continue to perform together. 

The controversial musician also mentioned that his songs can be streamed on Spotify where two of his albums as a solo artist can be streamed online. 

Paredes likewise noted that his calling in life is to write songs. 

Giving advice to the budding artists, he said "Learn, learn, learn. Practice, practice, practice. Be open to influence, give the world with what you do best."

Source: KAMI