Sa sobrang linis, South Korea, kinailangan pa magkalat para makalahok sa int'l clean-up drive - The Daily Sentry

Sa sobrang linis, South Korea, kinailangan pa magkalat para makalahok sa int'l clean-up drive

While other asian countries go gaga just thinking about the ways on how to eradicate the mountain—or river—of trash building up in their territories, a county in South Korea has a different, and better, situation.

This, after some South Korean officials needed to scatter trash all over the place just to take part in an international clean-up drive.

The event that took place in Jindo, South Korea, was attended by hundreds of volunteers that gathered to join the International Coastal Cleanup Day.

It was made possible by Korean officials after tons of garbage were dumped over the shore of southwest Jindo.

As the move of intentional littering, regardless if it is for a cause, had raised some eyebrows, the Jindo Mayor Lee Dong-jin was compelled to issue a statement regarding the issue.

In a statement, said mayor apologised about the incident.

"We brought in waste styrofoam and other coastal trash gathered from nearby areas so the 600 participants could carry out clean-up activities," said Lee.

Mayor Lee also noted that all the trash thrown were cleaned “100 percent”, adding that there had been “no secondary pollution.”
The International Coastal Cleanup Day,  the largest global movements for sea preservation, was celebrated last September 21.

Around 100 countries joined the international cleanup drive. Hawaii, Israel, Thailand, and the Philippines were one of them.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that during his stint, former Manila Mayor Erap Estrada was caught in a video posing for a photo to promote his cleanup drive in Manila bay after trash were intentionally thrown in the waters and used it as props.

Estrada's video went viral,  drawing flak for his inauthentic move to wipe out trash within the shore of Manila.

Source: KAMI