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San Miguel's Ramon Ang partners with Isko to launch food bank in Tondo

San Miguel's Ramon Ang and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. Image from Abante
It appears that Manileños are very well taken care of by their Mayor Isko Moreno.

That seems to be the case after another program under the governance of the new Manila Mayor was launched just recently.

On Wednesday, the president of San Miguel Corp. (SMC) Ramon Ang together with Mayor Isko opened a feeding and education center in Tondo which is one of the most impoverished parts of the country's capital.

According to the president of the Philippines' largest company, he only wanted to give back to the community where he come from.

SMC, through its foundation "Better World Community", will seek to provide meals to 1 million kids in Tondo daily, Ang said.
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The San Miguel group's president was named as the Philippines' 6th richest man in 2019.

"San Miguel is into food business so why don't we provide our children in Tondo a better place for them to try our products?" he added.

"At the same time, it will be an educational place for them to learn while eating," he said, emphasizing its significant role in helping the Tondo's youth to dream big and become somebody in the future.

"We can entice them to dream of becoming somebody."

The actor-turned-politician, meanwhile, said the feeding program would aid not only in feeding the student's empty stomach but also, help them with their academic performance.

"I know what it feels like to come to school starving," said Moreno who was, himself, born and raised in the slums of Tondo.

"Hindi lang ako, pati 'yung mga kaklase ko, medyo slow at hirap 'pag walang chicha," he said.
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San Miguel's Ang shared that they plan to build 9 more food banks in Manila initially, particularly in the poorest of the capital's territory.

"Batang Tondo ako eH... Eh kumita na tayo ng konti so ibinabalik ko naman dito sa lugar kung san ako nanggaling which is Manila and Tondo," Ang said.

"Subukan muna natin ng 10 years at kung maganda eh di ipagpatuloy pa natin," he continued.

Source: ABS-CBN News