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Tricycle driver returns passenger's bag with P180,000 cash

Tricycle driver Melvin Aguro of Roxas City, Capiz and the owner of the bag. Iloilo Today photo
A certain Melvin Lumbo Aguro was commended for his act of kindness.

Aguro is a tricycle driver from Roxas City, Capiz who found a bag with a whopping amount of P180,000 cash.

Nowadays, returning a bag full of cash to its rightful owner is something that's very rare thus, worth rewarding.

The said driver is a gem from Barangay Libas in Roxas City. According to him, he was driving the tricycle when he found a sling bag at the passenger seat.

With the intention to return, the 35-year-old Aguro made an effort to offer it to the passengers who just disembarked at the terminal. However, they refuse to accept it as it was not theirs.

Curious that any important items needing urgency might be inside, the driver opened the bag. To his suprise, he found out that the bag was containing a cash amounting to P180,000. Alongside the cash were three cellular phones and a pocket WiFi.

Aguro immediately brought the left bag to the nearest police station to seek proper help.

“The owner and her companions were already at the police station, together with a certain tricycle driver whom they suspected to be the one they hired and got the bag of money. They have entirely forgotten what tricycle they rode,” he said.

The owner, who wished anonymity over his identity, was in tears and hugged Aguro when he revealed to her that he had the bag full of cash.

For over 15 years and counting, Aguro is a longtime tricycle driver in Roxas City. As he recounted, it was not his first time to have found cash or any valuable stuff left by the passengers. However, according to Aguro, this one was the biggest.

It only goes to show that whenever a passenger left valuable items in his tricycle, big or small, he is always out to return them to their rightful owner.

“I always think that the money might be needed by the owner for an emergency or hospitalization. It is not mine, and I need to return it,” he said.
 Iloilo Today photo
Source: Iloilo Today