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Duterte says he'd be out in a few months

Perhaps the public, the people who support the president with all their hearts, wish that President Rodrigo Duterte only said it in jest when he said he'd be out in a few months. But he wasn't.

The Chief Executive himself is well aware of the time left in his presidency, which means the time for him to implement the projects and reforms under his watch are also getting shorter.

“I’d be out in a few months, buwanan na lang ‘yan,” he said in a speech.

Excluding himself, he aired his sentiment over the indestructible corruption that plagues the government, regardless of whoever seats in power.

“This I would leave you and you will remember me for it: for as long as we cannot have law and order in this country and for as long as corruption is not stopped, no amount of resolve by any person, huwag na lang ninyo ako isali, it’s a worm inside in almost everybody in government national, local,” said Duterte.

The 74-year-old firebrand president likewise emphasized that it is the bureaucratic red tape that bolsters the rise of cases of corruption.

“It is in the art of making them going back and forth to the office that perpetuates corruption in government. The delay and follow-up… those are the things that make up the ugly face of government,” he added.

Source: Politiko