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Tsismosang Pasaway, Naipit ang Ulo sa Gate ng Kapitbahay ng Ilang Oras

Photo from Radio La Roca FM
Woman Who Allegedly Wanted To Gossip Got Her Head Stuck In Her Neighbor’s Gate

Do you have neighbors who do nothing but gossip around and talk about other people's lives? Don't you just wish that they get what they deserve so they can realize they are doing something offensive? A gossiper in La Virginia, Columbia may just have gotten than - what she deserves.

Stuck up

Reports say that this woman was only trying to get a glimpse inside the house of her neighbor to see if they are already home. In her attempt to see farther, she didn't notice that she had been inserting her head through the grill more than what she intended to do so.

Photo from Radio La Roca FM
Photo from Radio La Roca FM
This resulted in her getting stuck there for 5 hours! She sure screwed up big time.

Gossip or not

It is still unclear if she really meant to gossip or not. Maybe she was just trying to see if her neighbors are there already because she has something to tell them.

On the other hand, if she did intend to gossip, then may what happened to her serve as a lesson for her. May she realize that it is not right to gossip.

If she indeed intended to gossip, then she may just have gotten what she deserved.

The word went around

Just like gossip, shortly after Radio La Loca FM 103.9 posted the photos of the woman on their Facebook page, it quickly became viral.

Netizens took it to themselves to tell the woman that she got what she deserves.

Here are some of the comments of the netizens:

“c ate kc dna,lng nanahamik sa bahay nila….ayannn tuloyyyy…”

“tsismis pa more.”

“Aba matinde”

Kidding aside, though, we hope that the woman is doing better. Getting stuck for 5 hours in that position is no joke! Just imaging the backpain, not to mention the embarrassment this poor woman has to go through. She better not do it again, don't you think?

Source: Definitely Filipino