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Stylist speaks up on Vivoree's unfinished gown worn during ABS-CBN Ball

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Netizens lauded the Star Magic artist Vivoree Esclito after she attended the prestigious ABS-CBN Ball 2019 wearing an unfinished gown.

The occasion paid tribute to the legacy of the children rights advocate and earth warrior, the late Gina Lopez. The Ball's main objective, however, was to specifically raise funds for the Gina-founded Bantay Bata 163.

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Image from Vivoree Esclito's Instagram

Confidently Beautiful

Vivoree gained praises for the confidence and beauty she exuded while wearing an unfinished gown in one of the biggest events organized by the Kapamilya network.

While many commended the young actress's courage to brave the hitch brought by the gown, some people, on the other hand, speculated about the matter, as if saying it was a publicity stunt.

What went wrong
Coming from the most reliable person about the issue who witnessed the turn of events firsthand, Vivoree's stylist himself, Van Mercado, recounted the tragedy that was the unfinished gown.

On Twitter, Mercado posted the sketch of Vivoree's supposed gown. On the same post, the stylist also mentioned the reason behind the beleaguered outfit.

"This was the sketch presented to us. It was “Modern Filipiniana.” We did 2 fittings. I did follow up every day. Apparently the day before the ball, the heavy beadwork damaged the fabric and the designer had to do the the top part all over again and consumed so much time," she tweeted.

The Stylist's Plea

Mercado called on everyone to stop making up stories about the issue.

"We weren’t informed about the severity of the damage and everyone was confident the gown will arrive “finished and polished” and on time for the ball. So let’s all stop these made up stories and end this issue," she added.

Dubbed as the Go Getter Girl ng Bohol, Vivoree was a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7. Before joining  PBB, she is a regular Grade 10 student in Bohol.

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