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Nagsalita na! Kris admits conflict with Noy on their dad's statue relocation

Noynoy and Kris Aquino. Photo from Kris Aquino's Instagram
The “Queen of All Media” did not beat around the bush when she explained her spat with her brother Noynoy Aquino.

A report claimed that the two public figure's disagreement resurfaced following the relocation of the statue of their father, the late Ninoy Aquino, Jr. It also said that the issue was being used against their family.

Originally built at the corner of Timog and Quezon Avenues, Aquino's statue needed to be moved in another location as it was damaged by the clearing operations of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Opposing views

Two options on where to relocate the said statue were presented to the Aquinos according to the Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte.

The siblings, specifically Kris and Noynoy, had opposing views on the matter.

The former president decided to choose the Parks and Wildlife by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. However, Kris wanted their father's statue be moved to the Manila Seedling Bank.

Justifying her decision, the Queen of All Media explained that Manila Seedling Bank is close to malls thus, a lot of people will easily see their father's figure.

The contradicting views of  two Aquinos caused the former ABS-CBN artist to speak up regarding the latter's conflict with her brother which netizens apparently made a big deal.

For the ex-Kapamilya TV host, what transpired was a clear manifestation that "freedom of choice" is being practiced in their family, adding that she holds his brother in high regard.

Work in progress

The TV-host-turned-vlogger then admitted that their relationship, her and the former Chief Execuitve, is still a “work in progress”.

“Hindi po issue na Noy chose DENR’s Parks and Wildlife and I wanted the mall development area... Obvious naman na magkaiba talaga kami, and clear din na we practice freedom of choice in our family…

“Hindi naman secret sa inyo, rebuilding our relationship as brother and sister remains a work in progress for us… So kung trip nyong gawing teleserye ang buhay pamilya namin, ma bo-bored lang kayo kasi walang matinding di pagkakaunawaan na nagaganap…

She also pointed out that they are not close with each other, citing that it was four months ago four months ago when they last saw each other.

“Hindi ko rin kayo pa-plasticin at sasabihan na very close kami, we’re not - last time kaming nagkita was more than 4 months ago. But really? Location ng statue ng dad namin ang gustong gamitin na issue to widen our gap? Trust me we’ve had more disagreements of substance than that,” Kris posted.

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