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Among Arabo Viral dahil Kasabay Kumakain ang mga Kasambahay na OFW

Photo compiled from Facebook
A kind Arab employer’s video is now viral on social media where he and his OFW employees are eating together at the same table. Contr₳ry to what we often hear about the cru3lty of some Arab people, but this employer is considering his OFW employees as a family.

To be an OFW is very hard. Tired, str3ssed and bere₳ved to loved ones the most frequent felt by all OFWs just to get the family out of p0verty. Additionally, they are also facing d₳ng3rs such as mistre₳tment of employers, phys1cal abu$e and sometimes r₳pe.

But even there are many news we received about the cru3lties faced by OFWs in the hands of their employers, it is not quite fair that we blame all the judgment from the Arabs, because there are others who are kind and considered their kasambahays as a family members.

In a viral video shared by I Love Natividad on their Facebook page, some Filipina housemaids were happy eating with their boss, and its family. Seeing that they had fun while eating, especially that it seems the housemaids are not used to eat that kind of foods
Photo from Facebook
It will also notice in the video that the Pinay OFW’s are having fun and enjoying their job. There is no trace of sorrow seen in their faces. Their boss may be very kind to them, because they were eating at the same table, and considered them as a family.

Lots of netizens amazed on the kindness of the Arab on his Pinay OFWs. Hopefully more employers will be same as him, and hopefully he will be blessed because of his kindness to the Pinay OFWs.

Watch the video below:

Some netizens also prayed that hopefully more OFWs will get luck, same as what we saw in the video, to make things better while in their job abroad.

Here are some comments from netizens:

Source: Facebook