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Foreign doctor expresses support to Duterte

In a Facebook public group called Attorney Glenn Chong Supporters Group, a video of a doctor from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) went viral as he shares his approval and support of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Interaksyon

The video was shared by a Kylle Llerma Adidnom who appears to be residing in the UAE.

In the video, the person who identified himself as Salem explained how he likes President Duterte and believes that he is the only way the corruption in the country will go down and the country will flourish again.

Salem said that although he agrees that President Duterte has done some bad things, he believes that he works hard and is genuine in his service to the country. He adds that the Philippines is a rich country and the people in it are very smart individuals. 

I like Duterte, your President, very very much. This man I know, some people don’t like Duterte. I agree because he did this and that. However, Duterte is that genuine Pinoy, genuine man who want to save and to flourish Philippines,” he said.
Dr. Salem and President Rodrigo Duterte / Composite photos from Facebook and Nikkei Asian Review

I know many pinoys and pinays who are doctors, nurses, engineer, but they are working in my country as a waiters, they are working hospitals as a cleaners, janitors, not as a doctors coz of corruption in Philippines," he said.

He says that the country has a lot to offer and only President Duterte will be able to bring back the country to its former glory.

Duterte worked very hard to give Philippines a honor, to give Philippines good opportunity to rise again. Philippines is a very rich country but because of lots of corruption and lots of people who steal your money of Filipinos, the country goes down,” he said.

Im sure that Inshallah will show support to this man and good people male and female like you Inshallah Philippine will flourish again. Salamat.”

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Facebook