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Good Manners and Right Conduct na subject, balak ibalik ng gobyerno sa mga paaralan

Good Manners and Right Conduct na subject, balak ibalik ng gobyerno sa mga paaralan
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Senator Zubiri Proposes Bringing Back GMRC

We usually perceive Good Manners and Right Conduct as a school subject. However, good manners are imposed on us by our parents at a young age. To live peacefully and blend well with the society, we are taught of the correct behaviours and conduct. The subject has been long removed from the school curriculum and changed to Values Education.

Bring back GMRC 

In this digital age, we see some disrespectful actions through social media and news as well. Those kinds are being bombarded with hateful messages and comments from the netizens. The situation opens up the idea that good manners and right conduct should be included in the school curriculum from grade school all through high school.


July this year, senator Juan Miguel Zubiri filed the GMRC Act or also known as Senate Bill No. 310. The act aims to bring back the GMRC subject to elementary grade to high school. Although the Department of Education insists that Values Education is still up on the present curriculum, Senator Zubiri claims on the fact that many kids today commits on breaking the law.

Senator Miguel Zubiri, photo from Manila Bulletin
Zubiri states,

“I observe that this seeming downgrading of Values Education in the curriculum has made it harder to raise upright citizens. So, we see rising criminality in the streets and inside our homes committed by youngsters and adults who have not undergone GMRC as we had in the old days.”

Gangsterism and bad habits 

The senator also escalates the issue on the growing number of gangs and dRuG use involving teenagers,

“We witness this low level of discipline in disrespectful behaviour of children and teens who are most vulnerable to the use of drugs and oftentimes resort to gangsterism.”

Beneficial to everyone 

The act, as explained by Senator Zubiri, insists that everyone will “very much” benefit from it. He also points out that countries like Singapore and Japan benefit from focusing on good manners, respect, and discipline.

“We can see how it is effective in their own countries and as a matter of fact praised and emulated by many people across the world,”

Zubiri also insists that adding up GMRC subject in curricula would not cost much and would not take so much time in school.

Source: When in Manila