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Isang Magandang Babae, Pumayat Daw nang Dahil sa Pagkain ng Skyflakes

Photo by EJ Curamen Sison
This Girl Achieved Her Desired Weight By Eating Skyflakes

Diet and a healthy lifestyle, seems easy to say but a whole lot harder to do, right? This is why there are a lot of diet fads that are coming and going. Though some of these are mere fads, a handful of them seem to work. Like this cracker diet.

Lifestyle change

Facebook user EJ Curamen Sison recently became viral for losing weight because of “Skyflakes”. According to her, the cracker brand helps her feel full even if it has low calories.

For the longest time, EJ has been having a hard time losing weight. This is especially when her mom is so supportive for her love of food. But one day, she decided to do something about it, and she actually did.

Gradual changes

Based on her post, she ditched rice and also lessened her intake of food that has a lot of sugar. Even sodas, sweets, and other desserts were lessened as much as she can.

She also bought a sauna suit online which she wears two times a day at home. This worked for her she said because she was able to reach her target weight.

“Gusto ko lang po maging clear para hindi ma mis-interpret ng nakakarami. Rice lang po ang tinanggal ko sa routine ko. Add ko pa yung mga sweets, and anything na mabilis makapag pataas ng timbang. Ni reduce ko yun lahat. As much as kaya kong tiisin, ginawa ko. Even juices, sodas, ni lessen ko. Im not a gym type of girl. May asthma po kasi ako. So nung na discover ko yang cracker diet, super thankful ako kasi nag fit naman sakin. Kumakain pa din ako ng ulam (without rice). Step by step ang ginawa ko. Skyflakes, oatmeal, century tuna with egg, kamote, saging, etc.”,


Though this information may be enticing to a lot of readers who are trying to lose weight, EJ shared her own sets of reminders.

She emphasized that she wasn’t working and she just stays at home so she has a lot of time for herself. She also warned those who are working not to try the cracker diet because they will need the energy for work.

“Awa naman po ng Dyos, na achieve ko naman po ang timbang na gusto ko. No more hika this time. 😊 Kaya sa mga balak mag try, I know you guys can make it! Wag lang po agad agad. One step at a time. Mahirap pag binigla mo. Baka mag react ang katawan mo, iba mangyari. Hindi ito recommended sa mga working pals out there lalo na mabibigat ang work. Nagawa ko lang po talaga yan dahil wala ako work at madami ako time sa sarili. 😊Thank you guys and Godbless! πŸ’•”

Source: Dilaw na Buwan