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“Uwi ka na ma, ako naman magtatrabaho”, Graduate’s Message To Her OFW Mom

Photo by Minerva Jane Borca
“Uwi ka na ma”, Graduate’s Heartwarming Message To Her OFW Mom

A Tourism graduate became viral on social media after posting a graduating picture with a heartwarming message for her OFW mom. The posted picture garnered praises from netizens, especially from the OFWs who are working abroad.

Graduation Picture

Posting graduating pictures with a unique and funny message has always been trending on social media during graduation month. Some of them are posting it for fun, while others are for inspiration. A Tourism graduate named Minerva Jane Borca also joined the trend. But what made her graduating post more special is her message for her OFW mother.

Heartwarming message

Instead of writing her name, student number and course she took, Minerva wrote the note, “Ma uwi ka na sa ‘Pinas, ako naman magtatrabaho,”.  Her inspiring post, which was written last March 22, gains thousands of shares and reactions. Also, the Facebook comments were full of praises and positive vibes for her and her mother.

In her post, she recalled how Maria Fe, her mother, perseveres in abroad despite the difficulty of working abroad and of being away from them.

“Ne (referring to Borca), sobrang nakakapagod dito, wala pa’kong kain nagkape lang ako,”

“Mabuti pa ‘yung sahod buwan-buwan umuuwi ng ‘Pinas,"

Mother's Sacrifices

According to her, Maria Fe has been a domestic helper since 2012. Her mother's selfless sacrifices became her inspiration to pursue her studies and earn a college diploma. Minerva Jane has three siblings whom she took care of while her mother was away from them. She admitted that there are a lot of times that she misses her mother. However, Minerva never complains as she knows that Maria Fe's sacrifices were for their family's benefit.

Inspiration to the youth

She was determined to graduate so she can support her siblings' necessities. Above all, she wants her mother to return to the Philippines and never go back again in Oman. She wants to repay her mother for all the sacrifices she had made just for them to have a better life. Minerva's mindset is genuinely admirable and an inspiration to all the youth whose parents are working abroad.

Source: OFW Update