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Marian Rivera on traffic issue: "Traffic? Parang matagal nang may traffic"

In a recent interview with Philippine Star, superstar Marian Rivera was asked about traffic issue in the Philippines.
Marian Rivera / Photo from Yahoo news

"Traffic? Parang matagal nang may traffic. Wala nang dahilan para ikunsume mo sarili mo sa traffic."

She advised everyone to leave the house early to avoid traffic jams.

"Kung may lakad ka, eh 'di pumunta ka ahead of time para 'di ka ma-trapik."

If caught by heavy traffic on the road, she suggested keeping oneself busy with activities such as reading and using mobile phones.
Maria Rivera / Photo from Philippine Star

Sa sasakyan, 'pag trapik, andaming pwedeng gawin. Magcellphone ka, magsulat ka, eh 'di 'yun 'yung 'me' time mo sa sarili mo, 'di ba? So andaming pwedeng gawin mo 'pag traffic," said the actress.

MalacaƱang on Tuesday countered claims by a left-leaning group that Metro Manila was already experiencing a transportation crisis, but acknowledged the need to improve a recently shut down train line.

"Ano bang ibig sabihin nila ng transportation crisis? Ang nakikita ko lang traffic. May transportation naman ah, nakakasakay naman tayong lahat," Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo told reporters.

Panelo tried commuting to work a day after an activist challenged him to experience himself the traffic.