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"Pakisuyo Huwag Maingay!" Taiwan Bus Has A Tagalog Warning Against Noisy Filipinos

Taiwan Bus Has A Tagalog Warning Against Noisy Filipinos

It is not unknown to everybody that Filipinos are happy people. You can find Filipinos in just any part of the world, and when you do, they always have that welcoming vibe that only Filipinos can give.

Disruptive happiness

However, sometimes, when Filipinos get together, they tend to be overly happy that they get filled with laughter. There are times that they get too noisy even in public.

This appears to be the cause in Taiwan as one bus has a signage in the Filipino language solely targeted to Filipinos. A Tagalog sign says "Wag maingay" along with a Chinese characters counterpart below it.

A photo of the said sign was posted by Ariel Abalos on a Feacbook page Mga Pasyal sa Taiwan. According to him he rode a bus when he was in Zhongli Taiwan. He took a selfie with the sign behind him.

Discrimination or just policy?

Some of the comments agree that Filipinos tend to get too noisy especially when they are in groups and they are having a good time. However, a handful of comments are saying that this is discriminatory for Filipinos.

Below the Tagalog signage is the same message but in Chinese characters. This is a clear indication that the bus company is not, in any way, trying to discriminate Filipinos and making it seem that they are noisy and disruptive.

The bottom line is, people need to learn how to respect other people, especially in public. It is embarrassing to have a signage made especially for us Filipinos.

But aside from getting hurt, let's look beyond the signage and ask ourselves the reason why they did that. Are we among those who made the bus company put up the sign? If we are, then we should be more careful next time, because in a public transport, some may be trying to rest after a long day.