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Recounted Memories of 24 Filipino Boy Scouts Who Died in a Plane Crash in 1963

Photo from Inquirer
As a Filipino tradition, November 1st and 2nd are spent by families to commemorate the departed souls of their loved ones. Of thousand stories and memories from every family, one that will capture your heart is the remembrance left by the 24 Boy Scouts who lost in an ill-fated plane crash in 1963.

Jamboree Marathon 

It has been 55 years since the plane crash but the memories still remain in the hearts of the family members the boy scouts left. The boys are set to represent the country for the 11th World Jamboree in Greece. The victims lie in the Manila North Cemetery today.
Fe Castor-Pangan visits the tomb of her brother Roberto Castor, who was one of the 24 boy scouts who died in the 1963 plane crash. PHOTO by Cathrine Gonzales /
Recounted by Fe Castor-Pangan, a sister of one of the 24 boy scouts shared the very last day she saw her brother- as if that day is just like yesterday. Then, she was 11 and her brother Roberto is 14 years old. According to Pangan, she saw how excited the boys as they board the plane. They were all waving their hands as they set to air. What makes them more than happy is the fact that they were the chosen ones as thousands have tried out to apply in the Jamboree. Added to that, there’s a strict screening process at the time.


Three years after the tragic plane incident, Fe received an Outstanding Girl Scout award in Quezon City. And today at the age of 66, she is now a Board Member of Boy Scout of the Philippines. Also, she is an active member of Girl Scout of the Philippines.


Fe took the memory lane and shared the premonition of Roberto before the event. In doubt, their mother tried to convince her brother to back out instead and spend the money for his upcoming college expenses since the latter is in third-year high school at the time. But Roberto refused to do so and just said,

“Nay, hayaan mo papalitan ko yan.”

After the incident, they just learned what Roberto meant, and by that, it means the honor that Fe’s brother brought to their family.
Boy scouts guard the tomb of the 24 boy scouts who died in a plane crash on their way to represent the country in the 11th World Jamboree in Marathon, Greece in 1963. PHOTO by Cathrine Gonzales /

For Fe, the death of the 24 boy scouts served as an inspiration to young people. The tragedy happened on July 28, 1963, in a UAE flight where all passengers and flight crew vanished.

The plane crashed in the Arabian sea.

To honor the 24 heroic boyscouts, 24 streets in Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City are named after them.