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Teacher Shocked To Receive Live Chicken From Her Student On Teacher’s Day

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook
Teachers are our second parents, this is why during the World Teacher’s Day, students from all over gave special gifts to their teachers. Some are common, and some are unique like what this teacher received.

Three mothers

Talon Claude is a teacher a small public school in General Santos City, Banlawan Primary School. According to her Facebook post, there are only three teachers in their school.

This is why prior to the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day, she asked her students to bring stuff for the other teachers and not just herself.

Chicken for her

A boy from her class named Legaspi asked her if he could bring a chicken. Thinking that it would be fried chicken or something else that is ready to eat, she said yes.

She was shocked when during the preparation of their celebration, Legaspi turned up bringing a live chicken!

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook
At first she thought it was a joke, but it turned out that it was really the gift of Legaspi for her.

Unique and thoughtful

The other students brought fruits and other native gifts for the teacher, but nothing can beat the live chicken that she got from her student.

Photo credit: Talon Claude / Facebook
Her co-teacher said that maybe they should cook it already so they can eat it. But Claude said that she wanted to document the moment first so they took pictures of her most precious and unique gift this year.

“Wala yang flowers, chocolates, cakes, balloons niyo sa native manok ko! Hahaha..???? Thank you Legaspi. Pinaka happy teacher si Maam. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap it is. It’s always the thought that counts.”

Sharing the delight

The netizens are delighted with her post that it quickly grew viral with tons of shares.

Comments are saying how entertaining and unique the chicken was as a gift for a teacher.

Source: Talon Claude / Facebook