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Bedridden Dad 'Walks' Daughter Down the Aisle on her Wedding Day

Photo: Law Tapalla Photography Facebook page.

"A father’s love knows no boundaries."

That is what Law Tapalla, a wedding photographer, captioned on his Facebook post, that truly captured and broke the hearts of many netizens.

The post showed a picture of a father, sick and on a stretcher, but still managed to escort his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

The photographer further wrote that he was blessed to have witnessed and captured every moment of smiles and tears during the wedding.

"A Father’s Love knows no boundaries. Mr. Pedro Villarin walked her daughter down the aisle like any father would have even if his current health makes this a difficult endeavor. Mark and Charlotte’s wedding was a celebration of love, not only theirs but a love that joins their families closer to each other. We have witnessed how in every difficult situations there will always be hope and happiness. We’re privileged to capture every moment of smiles and tears in this wedding", the photographer wrote.

Screenshot of the post | credit to Law Tapalla Photography
Mr. Pedro Villarin who suffered from liver cancer made sure that he himself will 'walked' her daughter, Charlotte Villarin, down the aisle to celebrate her wedding, even if he was not able to do it the normal way.

Photo: Law Tapalla Photography Facebook page.

Photo: Law Tapalla Photography Facebook page.
Charlotte said that her wedding was really for her father because the latter really wanted to walked her to the altar and witness her wedding.
"That wedding is really for him because he wants to walk with me to the altar and witness my wedding since according to him I’m his favorite daughter,” Charlotte allegedly said.

She even added that during that time, they thought her dad wouldn't make it to her wedding since he had been admitted to the hospital for extreme pain and they have gone back and forth in the hospital.

Photo: Law Tapalla Photography Facebook page.

So on the day of the wedding, and because of her father's request to be present at her big day, they hired an ambulance and a private nurse to accompany her dad to the church. 

She added that they thought her father would be able to sit on a wheelchair, but he couldn’t, so he used the stretcher from the ambulance instead, and with the help of the event's coordinators and family members, they pulled him towards the altar.

Charlotte Villarin then said that her father sacrificed a lot and endured all the pain he felt at that time and they really thank GOD for allowing that special moment to happen.

That beautiful wedding day happened last year at the Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas city but sadly, Charlotte announced Mr. Pedro, his father's passing, days after the wedding.

After her father, Mr. Pedro's sweet goodbye, Charlotte shared a photo of her, kissing her father, a photo that was taken during her wedding day and was captioned, "PAPU, MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA."

Screenshot of Charlotte's post | Credit to her Facebook page

She too said that her father's passing was very painful but knowing that he left this world after fulfilling his dream of walking her down the aisle, made her equally happy already, no matter what.

This said post from Law Tapalla Photography, gained lots of reactions and shares, and netizens were in awe by the father's love for her daughter, leaving positive comments that were inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time.

Screenshot of comments | Credit to Law Tapalla Photography's Facebook account

Source: Coconuts Manila, Law Tapalla Photography