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PA RICE, PLS! Bakit ang sikat na kainan na ito ang dapat maging pambansang simbolo ng kapayapaan?

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Isang Facebook post ang kumakalat sa social media tungkol sa pagsasalaysay ng isang netizen hingil sa sikat na kainang pang-masa, ang Mang Inasal.

Ang nasabing article ay likha ni Jeremy Layson na pinamagatan niyang 'Why Mang Inasal should be the national symbol of peace' [Bakit Mang Inasal ang dapat maging pambansang simbolo ng kapayapaan?].

Ang post na ito ay nag viral mula pa nung unang araw pa lang na kanya itong pinost sa kanyang Facebook account at hanggang ngayon ay trending parin ito na may 5,585 shares from Facebook users.

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Ibinida ni Jeremy ang mga dahilan kung bakit niya tinawag ang Mang-Inasal bilang lugar na mapayapa. Paliwanag niya, ito ang lugar kung saan di mo kelangan maging balisa kung ang naorder mo ay tama. Ikiunumpara niya ito sa paraan ng pag order ng inumin sa Starbucks.

Basahin ang buong post ni Jeremy Layson:

Why Mang Inasal should be the national symbol of peace

I'm sorry Liza, you're a cutiepie but I'll have to refute your statement about sinigang. Eating at Mang Inasal is as pinoy as pinoy can get. A half Filipino would probably eat using spoon and fork, but a true Filipino with the bl**d of Lapu-lapu and Andres Bonifacio will eat with bare hand.

Mang Inasal surely is a very peaceful place, I've seen it with my own eyes. Each and every patrons would go inside, look at the menu and order at their heart's content. There's no need to be anxious if you're ordering the right thing, unlike in Starbucks where you're wondering if "dark mocha" is enough when the woman in front of you ordered a "venti strawberry-machete fruity-water-soluble frappucino with 1/2 skimmed milk, 1/4 toasted milk of an elephant, 1/4 milk of an extinct reptilian mammal found in the remote jungle of amazon, with 3 pumps of god-knows-what and 2 pumps of sedated multi-cultural peanut brittle syrup and mix well before consuming." In short, you go in Mang Inasal and you don't have to care about anything. If you're not blessed with a warrior's heart to check other meals, you can just say "PM1" just like any other people in there.

Mang Inasal does not discriminate. You can be a construction worker treating yourself in your special day at Mang Inasal while sitting with some professionals having their usual meal, all bare-handed while trying to destroy that piece of chili like a bl**dy psychopath. 

I admit, I'm a guy who has a 10M radar for the nearest chick, but when I was eating at Mang Inasal, I can barely notice the cute girls sitting in the next table. Mang Inasal can remove your earthly desire as you consume this God-given meal.

Have I mentioned that it shows our long-lost tradition of bayanihan? If you're alone and want to eat there during peak hour (lunch time), and every seat is taken, the employees will try to ask occupied tables with vacant seats if they can allow you to eat with them, and that's freaking marvelous. Can you do that in a high-class restaurant? Hell, they probably won't even do that in other fastfood chains. You ran out of soy sauce or that red thing that makes rice taste like the nectar and ambrosia of gods? You can just ask the other tables if you can borrow some from them, 99% chance that they'll say yes.

As you eat at Mang Inasal, all your worries about the world will fade away. You won't have to worry if you're eating in the right way. Everyone's too busy murdering that grilled chicken to even notice that your outfit doesn't match, or that your haircut looks like the 8th de*dly sin. 

Everyone's focus is in their meal, and during that time, in that small amount of time, you can enjoy yourself and nothing but yourself. You will experience true happiness, unhindered by the malicious eyes of the world, free from the judgement of anyone who's not relevant to your chicken and unli-rice.

Is Mang Inasal the promised land? Who knows.

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Photo Credit to the owner

Photo Credit to the owner


Source: Jeremy Layson | Facebook

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