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James Deakin fearlessly calls out Cainta Mayor for this photo

Photo from Abogado
A photo of Mayor Kit Nieto of Cainta, Rizal that recently surfaced on social media had raised some eyebrows. This, after the official was seen in the picture riding a motorbike without the safety gear being required to motorists.

Transport blogger, writer, and TV host James Deakin already called Mayor Nieto's attention bluntly. And he was not alone in calling out the Cainta Mayor's display of irresponsible driving as netizens' sentiments were the same.

Here's his open letter to Mayor Nieto:

Dear Mayor Nieto, it really pains me to have to call you out like this, especially that you do seem like a very loved and respected mayor and many of your constituents (although bitterly disappointed by your defense of something so indefensible here) still have so much praise for you; but sir, please, when you're wrong you're wrong. And you are wrong here. Just acknowledge it, apologize, and make a public declaration to do better. Do not compound it with patronizing statements that will only serve to erode the confidence and respect that you have built up with your people. You are better than that sir.

We all make mistakes. I made one not long ago with secretary Mark Villar when I forgot to insist on him wearing a seat belt in my car while I was driving. We were on a completely closed road with full security escort and camera crews and were traveling at 30kmh in my van. But as safe and controlled as the situation was, it was still a violation. And as embarrassing as it was for me, as a road safety advocate, to have that pointed out to me by my own followers, they were right and I was wrong. So I publicly apologized and simply surrendered myself to the LTO because, the first rule of a hole is: when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

And that is what I'm imploring you to do. Good people sometimes get it wrong, sir. I'd like to believe this is one of those times. Just set the right example.
Because as much as we both know you cannot waive your rights if it is contrary to a republic act, this is something that goes beyond the law. This is also a golden opportunity as a public official to educate and shine much needed light on the importance of road safety and the value of saving countless lives by simply wearing a helmet.

If it's not meant to absolve you, as you pointed out, then just admit that you were in violation and apologize and pay the fine. As it is, you are coming across as defending your defiance of the law. Whether or not that is your intention, that's how it is seen. And that is what worries me the most. Don't complicate it with waivers that really have no bearing here. Trust me on this. Because the effect that a public endorsement from a public official will have by blindly defending his right to not wear a helmet will be catastrophic on public safety and enforcement and will end up costing Ives.

Please, sir, this is bigger than you and I. This is about responsible road use and leadership and sending a powerful message that will save lives. Please do the right thing.
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Source: James Deakin