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Lacson shares remarkable experience with the late John Gokongwei

On Sunday, Sen. Lacson recalled his unforgettable moments with the late business tycoon, John Gokongwei, Jr.

Sen. Panfilo 'Ping' Lacson remembered his encounter with the Filipino billionaire businessman and philanthropist when the latter's daughter was kidnapped.

In 1981, Lacson, then part of the Philippine Constabulary's Metropolitan Command, took charge of rescuing Gokongwei's daughter, Robina, from a kidnap-for-ransom gang.

The Lacson-led team succeeded in taking back the businessman's daughter from the hands of the kidnappers.

After Gokongwei's passing late Saturday, in a series of Twitter posts, Sen. Lacson recounted how he taught the late businessman on how to negotiate with his daughter's kidnappers.

“I instructed him not to sound intimidated while negotiating for Robina’s ransom snapped at her kidnappers, ‘10M? Do you know how long it’ll take me to count that much money? You can have my daughter!’” Lacson said in a tweet.

“I said, not too bold either Mr. John,” he continued.

“That was part of our negotiation technique – he shouldn’t project being too scared. Neither should he be arrogant and antagonistic,” he said.

The senator also mentioned in another Twitter post that they were able to Robina successfully without any ransom being paid.

He also said Gokongwei wanted to reward them with P400,000 but Lacson declined his offer.

The businessman then decided to donate 10 mobile cars instead to the Philippine Constabulary's Metropolitan Command.

Gokongwei, who is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of JG Summit Holdings, died peacefully on Saturday at the age of 93.

Here are Lacson's tweet:

Source: ABS-CBN News