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Police allegedly abuses authority to be first in the the priority lane

Policeman goes viral after he used his position as policeman in order to use the priority lane at a grocery store.
Photo from Facebook

On a Facebook post made by Perry Punla, she told a story of a photo she took where a man is seen using the priority lane inside a grocery store.

Also according to the post, the cashier allegedly told the man that the lane was only for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women.

However, the man was insistent and said that he was a policemen and that policemen must come first in line.

Punla also said that the cashier could not do or say anything, and neither can the pregnant women and senior citizens.
Photo from Facebook

“Cashier: Sir Priority lane po ito for PWDs, seniors, at buntis.

Customer: Pulis ako, basta kapag pulis, priority yan.

Wala ng nagawa yung cashier. Hindi rin makapagreklamo ang mga buntis at seniors sa pila.”
Photo from Facebook

Netizens demand it be reported

The post has since gone viral and many people have commented on the issue, plenty of which are negative.

Some people have also said that the incident must immediately be reported to Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalbe. They said that is was a clear abuse of power and authority.

But one of the netizens, who happen to know the wife of the policeman concern, posted a comment explaining the side of the police officer.

“Appeal to everyone… The wife had message me airing their side and had asked the Puregold management to help clean their names… Paunawa sa lahat …. Hindi lahat ng disability ay visible… Meron hindi kapansin pansin like mental disorder and the like… May mga doctor po akong nakatrabaho na may mga PWD card din pero kung pag mamasdan ay parang walang kapansanan…. Kahit magtanong po kayo sa mga specialists…. Sana wag po tayo maging mapanghusga…. I called Albayalde attention to shed light and give the spouses chance to explain… Again, hindi lahat ng kapansanan ay visible…”

There are no laws that dictate that policemen or any other civilian can use the priority. The law in the form of Republic Act No. 9257 says that senior citizens and persons with disability can use the priority lane provided they provide their identification card. 

Source: Dailypedia