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Quiboloy's supporter writes an open letter to Vice Ganda: "Showbiz is not forever"

From left: Aemor Rivas, Ptr Apollo Quiboloy and Vice Ganda
A supporter of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy wrote an open letter to Vice Ganda after the latter challenged Ptr. Quiboloy to end "Ang Probinsyano" series and to ease the traffic in EDSA.

In her letter, Aemor Rivas expressed her disappointment towards the comedian. Rivas said that showbiz is not forever and that fame doesn't give Vice Ganda the license to mock Ptr. Quiboloy on national television.

This is her full open letter to Vice Ganda:

Vice Ganda, just in case you have forgotten, showbiz is not forever. Who do you think you are? Your fame doesn’t give you the license to mock a person on national TV.

You make fun of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, a man who has not done you wrong, and you think you can get away with your haughtiness?

You are puffed up and feeling invincible right now due to your popularity, but remember, you are not famous and successful forever. Have some respect. The Man you mocked is looked up to and respected by people from a different faith. The Man you and your co-hosts made fun of today has always been there when big-time calamities struck this nation. Haiyan, Pablo, Ondoy, and now, these Mindanao earthquakes. The Man you find laughable has been feeding and sending children to school for several years, preaching repentance and genuine change to people here and abroad. Is respect too hard to give?

You are a celebrity. Use your influence responsibly. Yan ba ang itinuro sa iyo ng magulang mo, ng nanay mo, na pagtawanan mo ang lider ng ibang pananampalataya na wala namang ginagawang masama sa iyo?

ABS-CBN, ganyan ba talaga ang kalibre ng talents meron kayo? Walang respeto sa kapwa tao.

Sino ka lang ba? Gaano na kataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo? You find our beliefs odd? Shut your mouth. We coexist in this world by respecting other people’s faith and belief.

Just as we, Filipinos, have respected and accepted you for being who you are even if it is against our faith and belief to see a man dressed as a woman on national TV, at least learn to respect other people of different faith.

We love and respect the members of the LGBTQ+ community including you. Sana naman matuto ka ring rumespeto sa kapwa mo.

We will pray for your enlightenment. May God bless your soul. ❤️

Source: Aemor Rivas / Facebook