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Radio Host on Gretchen Ho's manner of interviewing a foreign athlete: "Sarcasm yan with Exaggeration"

Mark Lopez | Gretchen Ho | SEAG 2019 | Photo credit to the owner
On Thursday, November 28, 2019, ABS-CBN reporter and a former volleyball, player, Gretchen Ho was allegedly slammed by netizens over a 'not so friendly' interview to a foreign, Singaporean athlete, Mark Shen.

In the said video of the interview, Ho assertedly can be heard asking questions with an inconsiderate tone and in a manner of interrogation, an attitude less expected from a professional TV reporter and a former athlete herself.

Gretchen Ho | Photo credit to Rappler
Netizens were then quick to react and expressed their dismay to Ho. Some say that the most important characteristic of a reporter is ethical behavior, and Ho definitely missed that part.

Others say the questions coming from Ho doesn't really focus on the games but was an attempt to fish negative feedback from the Singaporean beach volleyball player, which she actually failed tremendously because the latter responded positively when asked about his 2019 SEA Games experience in the Philippines so far.

And instead of negative feedbacks that allegedly Ho is waiting from Shen, the latter only gave positive reactions, from commending the airport reception, the quick transfer to the hotel, to the food and venue of the games, and most importantly, disaffirming the rumors and news circulating online about all the mishaps of the 2019 SEA games in the country.

Singaporean athlete Mark Shen | Photo credit to ABS-CBN
Likewise, this manner of questioning of Gretchen Ho to Shen, did not also sit well with veteran broadcaster and radio host, Mark Lopez, that is why on the latter's recent Facebook post, he denounced the ABS-CBN's host and expressed his dismay to Ho.

He then listed down and enumerated HO's questions, stressing what he feels about using a hashtag "#SarcasmYanWithExaggeration".

Below is his full post: 

"How to interview a National ATHLETE who will be competing in an INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT to represent his country, by GRETCHEN HO:

Question: How was your arrival? Did you like the airport?

Question: How is the Shuttle service? Did you like the bus?

Question: How is the accommodation? Is there a bed in your room?

Question: How is the food? Were you served kikiam?

Question: How is the venue of the tournament? Do you like the sand surface? Is it overpriced?

End of interview.

Oh, by the way, the sporting event is the 2019 SEA Games Beach Volleyball, and the athlete was Mark Shen from Singapore....

No mention of the actual sport, of the competition, of what it is like to represent your country.

But does it matter?


Source: Mark Lopez, Team Philippines, ABS-CBN