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Vape research finds it may boost pneumonia risk

According to a study published in the European Respiratory Journal, it stated that using vape is likely to help pneumonia-causing bacteria to take effect into the person’s body.
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The study did not compare vaping to smoking tobacco cigarettes, but it was compared to those who did not smoke or vape at all.

"If you choose to take up e-cigarettes... this indicates a red flag that there may be an increased susceptibility to pneumococcal bacteria”, said study co-author Jonathan Grigg of the Queen Mary University of London.

In order to have these findings, the team conducted three experiments.
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The first was to expose human nose lining cells to e-cigarette vapor in the lab. 

The second one was to have mice inhale vape and exposed to pneumococcal bacteria. The last was to have the nose lining of 11 e-cigarette users compared to that of non vapers.

During the experiment, it was found out that they was a distinct increase in the amount of bacteria that stuck to the airway compared to that of non-vapers.

That particular phenomena is known to increase susceptibility to pneumonia.

"Some people may be vaping because they think it is totally safe, or in an attempt to quit smoking, but this study adds to growing evidence that inhaling vapor has the potential to cause adverse health effects. By contrast, other aids to quitting such as (nicotine) patches or gum do not result in airway cells being exposed to high concentrations of potentially toxic compounds.",” said Grigg.
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Even with the discovery, it is said that vaping and the harms that it brings is still considerably lower than that who smoke tobacco cigarettes.

"Although it is possible that vaping might increase susceptibility to pneumonia, the effect is likely to be lower than from smoking itself," he said via the Science Media Centre.

"This study should not be used as a reason to continue to smoke rather than vape –- the evidence to date is that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking.” said Grigg.

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