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Polio Stricken Father “Drives” His Son On A Wheelchair To School Daily

Photo from Front Row
A father's love is undeniable. Some would go to such lengths just to give their children a good future. It's not uncommon for parents to take their children to and from school everyday but this one dad took the attention of the netizens for being a hero to his child despite his disability.

Unique ride

You see, Tatay Alejandro, the hero in our story is wheelchair-bound. But he doesn't let that become a hindrance in giving his child everything he can give.

Front Row Facebook page posted some photos of the dad and son tandem which quickly became viral.In the post, it was stated that Tatay "drives" his son to school everyday even if it's a hot or rainy day. Now, talk about unconditional love and dedication.

Safety and practicality

When asked, Tatay Alejandro says that he is doing this for two things. To ensure that his son is safe, and to save up on fare expenses to and from school.

Photo from Front Row

Photo from Front Row
Now that's a hell of a father, if you ask us. Imagine rolling his wheelchair with his son on his lap daily. If you look at the photos, his son is quite big already and carrying him daily is surely not an easy feat. How much more if it is raining with all the cars and commuters hustling and bustling around them.

Alejandro's childhood

When he was 5, Tatay was stricken by polio. He said he sees himself as a lucky person to have been able to get married in his later life.

Respect is all we got for this man right here. Despite having his disability, he still does his best to be the best father he can be for his family.

There are totally no doubts that his son will also live up to be a great dad for his family in the future.

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