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BEWARE: The risk of kissing babies

"This is a lesson for people who think it's okay to kiss babies just because they want to. You have no idea how fragile babies are." 

Kissing is one of our usual approach towards babies as a sign of our 'lambing' and 'gigil'. Knowing that most of us are basically fond of babies, this particular way or practice became widely tolerated. Yet, it surely is surprising to know that a mere kiss could put your baby at risk.

And that is something netizen Christa Leandra Valdez had overwhelmingly experienced. Valdez shared a glooming incident she and her baby underwent.


"Usually I wouldn't post about something that happened to my child in depth but I feel like this is a lesson learned. You always hear new moms saying that they're not going to let people kiss their baby, I was one of them. But in all reality it is very difficult to monitor that because there are people who do it anyways. It's not like I can tell them, "Take that kiss back" after they already kissed my baby. 

You'd think people would have more common sense than to kiss a baby that isn't theirs. 

Unfortunately, they don't! What started out as a red rash rapidly turned into a toe I thought he was going to lose. I literally took him to 5 different doctors in 3 different cities in a matter of 4 days. Every single one of them said the exact same thing... "there's nothing we can do!" 

As a parent, it's the most aggravating and unsatisfying thing to hear when you can see that it's getting worse every single day that passes! It started off as what looked like a rash. Then is started to blister. 

Photo credits: Pregnancy Corner Facebook [CTTO]

From there, it just looked horrible! Just when I thought I had seen the worst of it, the next day it was worse! I kept thinking to myself, "there's no way they can't do anything for him when it looks this bad." However, there honestly wasn't anything they could do, so I had to just sit there and watch it get worse. They kept telling me, "it's going to get worse before it gets better." 

But honestly how much worse could it get? Every doctor diagnosed Ostiano with Herptic Whitlow (Type 1 Herpes). 

Photo credits: Pregnancy Corner Facebook [CTTO]

The first 3 doctors couldn't tell me exactly how he got it on his toe. Herptic Whitlow is normally seen on the hands and in the mouth. But he didn't have it on his hands nor in his mouth? I decided to take him to Children's Hospital. There, the doctor told me that someone who carries the herpes virus kissed him on the mouth (Trust me, if I would've seen them kiss him on the mouth, I would've slapped the shit out of them!) and transferred the virus to him. He put his hands in his mouth, then touched his foot and there must have been a cut on his toe. Who would've thought? 

Now since he carries the virus, he is prone to getting cold sores. He could've honestly got it from ANYONE! It's been exactly 3 weeks and his toe is ALMOST healed! Thank God! But this is a lesson for people who think it's okay to kiss babies just because they want to. You have no idea how fragile babies are. We all carry so much bacteria, viruses, and stuff we don't even know about that could be passed on to them! We don't think that we could be potentially harming a baby when we're just trying to show them love. Please, think before you kiss a baby!

I hope the reason why Ostiano went through this is so people actually realize why us mothers don't want people kissing our babies. We're not being "stuck up" or "stingy" with our babies, we're just trying to protect them! I want to thank everyone who prayed for him. I truly appreciate it. Even though you guys didn't know what was going on with him, you still prayed for answers and healing. We got both! Thank you."

Source: Pregnancy Corner | Facebook