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Dating UP Student, may matinding mensahe sa mga nagsusulong ng #AcademicWalkout

Matapos lumabas ang resulta ng nagdaang eleksyon nitong Mayo 9, ilang dismayadong estudyante at miyembro ng mga paaralan na hindi pabor sa pagkapanalo ni presumptive president Bongbong Marcos Jr. ang nagsulong ng academic walkout bilang protesta sa naging resulta ng halalan.

Naging mainit ang diskusyong ito sa social media at marami ang hindi pabor sa gawaing ito. Isa na dito ang dating University of the Philippines (UP) student at ngayo'y isa ng news anchor sa Eagle Broadcasting Corporation na si CJ Hirro.

Narito ang nilalaman ng kanyang mensahe patungkol sa #AcademicStrike o walkout na ginagawa ng ilang mga estudyante sa paaralan: 

"I had to work when I was a college student to help my parents provide for my 7 siblings. Relatives helped, but it still wasn't enough. I paid for the boarding house I stayed in, gave my siblings allowances, helped with their school expenses, and sometimes, even helped pay their tuition. 6 of them went to private schools and universities. I and another sister went to UP.

I missed a lot of classes because I had to prioritize work. I remember being so jealous of others whose only problem was making it to class on time. They didn't have to work. They didn't have to hustle. Some even had drivers to help them go around.

I wanted to go to law school but I knew early on I would have to put that dream on hold until all my siblings are done attending college.

It was tough. I was always tired and sleepy. There was no Grab or Angkas back then, so the commute was draining. There were times I did 2-3 events in a day. That was my life.
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I knew from an early age education would be my ticket out of poverty. My parents made sure we understood the importance of education. I was on the Dean's List many times and I finished college with a GPA of exactly 1.75. I could have taken lesser subject loads per semester and stayed in college longer, but I thought that would be unfair to the other students who deserve a spot in the state university.

I know I could have achieved more if I didn't have to worry about money and work early in my life. So when I had the chance to work as a researcher and writer for a senator, affordable education was one advocacy I worked hard on. We fought for higher state subsidy, especially for state colleges and universities. It took many years and many other authors and refilings, but I'm sure we helped make that happen. It gives me immense happiness knowing that in a way I helped make that change happen.
Photo by CJ Hirro

I have always believed that the most effective way to change the country for the better is to be part of the government that runs it. Blocking traffic and getting our kababayans late for work does not help. Spraypainting walls and traffic signs does not help. Destroying businesses and killing innocent people does not help. These are all destroying our country.

Now, they're threatening to boycott education to oust a duly-elected president? Stupid. We spent years making free education happen and this is what they do. Hubris. They think they're that significant and brilliant that threatening to sabotage their own futures would change this country for the better. What a bunch of misinformed brats.

To the teachers and faculty members supporting this, shame on you. You know very well this won't achieve anything.

To the students behind this threat, who even are you? Seriously, ano na ang naiambag ninyo? Have you done anything to make our lives better? Who are you to destroy what we built for our future children? Snap out of your delusions of grandeur. That's not how things are done in the real world. If you want to really change the country, run it in the future. Do better than we did. Skipping school definitely won't get you there faster."

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