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BBC's Stephen Sackur: Duterte is a man who is extraordinarily effective

Stephen Sackur, photo from Google
Burned alive. That was how Sereno looked like before the BBC audience worldwide.

In one of its news programs called Hard Talk hosted by the tough-talking news anchor Stephen Sackur, the Philippines former Chief Justice Maria Lourders Sereno was featured.

When the ousted Chief Justice allowed herself to get interviewed by a straightforward news anchor on a hard-hitting news program like that of Hard Talk, she must have been completely unaware of how the show goes.

This is because Sackur's way of questioning is fearless, straight to the point, and unbiased.

In a 24-minute interview of the English journalist with the country's first-ever Chief Justice to be expelled by her own colleagues, it is no doubt that Sackur did his homework.
Chief Justice Maria Lourders Sereno, photo from Google
In the long run, the 54-year-old BBC reporter from British Broadcasting Corporation noted that Sereno sounds more like a politician and a 'die-hard' opposition rather than a Chief Justice.

"If I may say so, you're sounding very much  like a politician and a die-hard opponent of Rodrigo Duterte than you're sounding like a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court", the interviewer told Sereno.

Earlier on the interview, Sackur made some statements that could be an indication of how he noticed the beleaguered lawyer's potential link with the Philippine politics. 

"You clearly did not always stray away from politics, I'm just looking at several public pronouncements you made after Mr. Aquino was replaced by Duterte. Announcements and public comments which many in the Philippines took as directly attacking President Rodrigo Duterte and his policies", he mentioned.
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To this, the atty. Sereno retaliated, "it's not a political statement at all" adding that she was only upholding her duty to protect the independence of the judiciary as Chief Justice.

The frank reporter expressed how strange it is for him to see a Chief Justice making 'high profile political comments', pointing out that such was unusual in Europe and in the United States.

"I am forced to remind everyone of our constitution. the democracy in our country must be protected at all times", Sereno explained. 

Later, Sackur questioned her if she is now 'looking to become a leader of the opposition' herself to which Sereno answered “that’s a very difficult question that must be answered only when a correct process has been sufficiently followed and by this is see the root of  our problems as the inability to empower the little people”.
Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, photo from Google
"I am not about to characterize myself as a politician, as an opposition leader, what I understand is that right now my present role is that there is a voice that must be heard, people are asking asking me to speak for them, and whether I am retained or removed as chief justice, that mission for justice must continue", she added. 

The European media reporter blasted the interviewee placed on the hot seat when he made a very impacting statement.

According to Sackur, Duterte is 'a man who is, in political terms, extraordinarily effective'.

Watch the full video below and see for yourself:

Source: Hard Talk