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Kris Aquino admits not getting inheritance from Cory, admits reason

Kris Aquino and late President Corazon Aquino, photo from - ABS-CBN
Former presidential daughter and presidential sister Kris Aquino admitted in an interview that she did not receive any inheritance from her mother, late President Corazon Aquino, and this was because such was allotted for her son, Josh.

Aquino admitted in the radio program Cristy FerMinute  that she and her mother had disputes before when she was carrying Josh, her son with actor Philip Salvador.

She said this was the first time she saw Cory in pain because of her, “The most painful part of our lives kami ng mom ko, our relationship is when pinagbubuntis ko si Josh. First time niya ako tiniis.”

She admitted to not receiving any inheritance.

 “No. I was never part of the inheritance. Klaro lang, let’s be clear. It was never spoken of because hindi naman ine-expect na mangyayari sa kaniya," she said.
She said that while carrying her second son, she knew that he was going to do well.

“But she (Cory) made it very clear to me. I want the field to be level. Gusto ko patas sila (her 2 sons), kasi Nay, alam mo ito bago tayo nagkatampuhan. Nasa tiyan ko pa lang, pinag-aagawan na si Bimb para sa mga commercials.”

She said that her mother only wanted what's best for Josh, who was also suffering from Autism.

“And masakit ‘yun sa mom ko na this child is getting everything and Kuya Josh [is not getting any] because of his condition, because of autism. Hindi maaasahan kung ano ang mangyayari, so that time pa lang sinabi ng mom ko 'You have your money of your own, the money you should expect from me nakapangalan kay Josh.' And hindi ako ang namamahala nun, that is my ate’s care. Because come what may sinigurado ng mom ko hindi maagrabyadao si Kuya (Josh).”  

Source: GMA News