Policeman praised for refusing tip: "Malaki ang sinasahod ko ma'am, wag na po" - The Daily Sentry

Policeman praised for refusing tip: "Malaki ang sinasahod ko ma'am, wag na po"

Photo compiled from Unite Pinas FB page
A police officer was reported to have helped civilians when their car stalled and they got stuck in EDSA, and afterwards refused to accept tips.

According to Carolyn Jaime, the car that she and her husband were driving got stalled in EDSA and it was the police officer who aided them, otherwise they would have been stuck there for some time.

Jaime posted a picture of the officer while he was working on the car and posted it on social media.

"Maraming salamat po sir sa pagtulong sa asawa ko kundi dahil sayo sir matatagalan kami sa gitna ng EDSA," she said.

More than his act, it was the police officer's refusal to accept a tip that they offered for his service that impressed Jaime.

The police officer said that he was already contented with his salary.

"Sobrang pinahanga nyo pa po kami sa kabutihan nyo lala na sa hindi niyo pagtanggap ng tip bilang pagtulong samin, tulad nga po ng sabi mo, "Malaki ang sinasahod ko ma'am, wag na po ma'am," she said.

The police officer was recognized as PO1 Viernes.

Jaime included in her post a hashtag, #PO1Viernes and said, "We salute you for giving yourself to the country you have sworn to protect."

She also said that she saluted him for not taking advantage of the money offered to him, for being contented with what he earns and for loving his job.

Among the policies in the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte first implemented in his term is the increase of the salaries of those in the field of law enforcement, this as a way of eradicating criminality among police ranks.

Source: PNP Good Deeds