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A Bullying Victim Sends an Open Letter to Joaquin Montes, Jr.

A screenshot from Youtube
An open letter was created in lieu of Joaquin Montes’ viral bullying video. A victim of bullying, Leonardo Florida shared his gruesome experience way back his grade school days. He described such episode of his life as hell. Through a youtube video, he was able to tell all the details and what it actually felt being bu££ied.

A Victim 

Florida described how nearly sick he felt at the time, never wanting to return to school as he may see his offenders again. Each day is a challenge, facing all the days alone. They laugh at him and even mock him. He cries alone and reached a depressive state. All along, he thought that crying it all out will wash away how heavy his feelings are but only learned that he was wrong. He still feels helpless.

A screenshot from Youtube
A Survivor

The netizen disclosed that he never told his parents his real situation at school. He did not want his brothers and sisters think that he is weak. Again, he faced every day alone. He was scared. But then, upon reaching home, he managed to make big curves on his face, all smiles.

But at last, he has survived those depressing days. And he was very glad about it. What bothers him is the other victims of bu££ying who can’t hold a grip in life. If he survived such episodes, how about those weaker than him.

Message To Joaquin Montes 

Leonardo admitted that the video is intended for viral bu££y kid Joaquin Montes. It is purposely made to tell him how it felt to be a victim of bu££ying and how it greatly affects a person’s life. He wished that the Department of Education will do what must be done and punish him for what he truly deserves.

His heart goes for all the victims of bu££ying. For he exactly knows what it feels.

Watch the video below:

Source: Youtube

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