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Alleged Brother Of Ateneo Bullying Suspect Got Mauled

Compiled screenshots from Showbiz Government's video
An alleged video of Diego Montes, the older brother of the bullying suspect Joaquin Montes, figuring in a losing end of a fistfight is now circulating the internet. Diego Montes, who according to reports is likewise a notorious bully in Ateneo, seemed to have found his match.

The Montes Siblings

One of the hottest topics in social media right now is the bullying of the feared Montes siblings at Ateneo. These two are Taekwondo black belters and have a habit of stomping their superiority over other students. Several videos of the younger sibling, Joaquin, surfaced in social media, bullying students even taller than him, and embarrassing them by letting them kiss his shoes when they chose not to fight him.

His brother, Diego Montes, on the other hand, was also a bully himself. Several netizens came out and said they were victims of Diego’s bullying. Diego was said to have been kicked out from San Beda due to bullying.

Bully Got Owned

In a video shared by Showbiz Government on Facebook, Diego allegedly figured in an altercation with some unknown teenager due to a vehicle altercation. The video shows Diego, the alleged bully, on the losing end of the fight. He was pinned by his rival on the ground and couldn’t seem to use his Taekwondo expertise.

While the teen on the video was not confirmed if it was indeed Diego Montes, it can be clearly heard from the one who took the video that it was a certain Diego Montes. Even on the comments section of the post, several netizens confirmed the identity of the teen as Diego Montes, the alleged bully of Ateneo.

Karma Is Digital

If it is true that Diego Montes was indeed the one on the video, it only goes to show that karma is digital. Bullying has no place in our society. It goes full circle, the bully got bullied.

Watch the video below:

Source: Showbiz Government

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