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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Radio commentator hits Ateneo de Manila JHS: "Shame on you ADJHS"

Radio commentator hits Ateneo de Manila JHS: Shame on you ADJHS
Mark Lopez, radio commentator
Amid the bullying incident that happened inside their school premises, the spotlight is now on Ateneo. People have criticized them for their “soft” stance on the bullying issue in their school. Many are wondering if they are fostering a culture of impunity, or is the bully’s family an “untouchable” in Ateneo?

Bully Maker

Ateneo has lately been receiving a lot of flak for their handling of the bullying incident inside their school. The Montes brothers are said to be notorious bullies enrolled at Ateneo, and there have been previous incidents involving them, yet what they received was a proverbial tap on the wrist.

Several comments from netizens on social media depict the Montes siblings continued their bullying ways since they can get away with it with just a few days suspension. The “soft” punishment by the Ateneo administration caused people to wonder if the school, who produced many of the leaders we have today, are also producing “monsters”.

Culture Of Impunity

On a post shared on Facebook by a radio commentator and an alumnus of UST, Mark Lopez, he shared that by allowing these bullies to get away with their thing, Ateneo is fostering a culture of impunity among its students.
In another Facebook post, Lopez called the attention of Ateneo De Manila Junior High School.

Lopez said AJHS administration chose to focus on the social media repercussion of such dastardly act of one of its students instead of addressing the issue of violence and bullying outright.

Radio commentator hits Ateneo de Manila JHS: Shame on you ADJHS

Losing Its Credibility

According to a unnamed netizen, he was also a victim of bullying from the Montes siblings, and he said it wouldn’t stop unless the siblings will be given the punishment that they both deserve.

Photo from Mark Lopez' FB
If Ateneo will continue tolerating bullying inside their school premises, they will lose the credibility that their school has long been famous for. The school should now find the courage to take action, to prove to doubters that they do not tolerate bullying of any form. They should stand up against bullying.

Source: Mark Lopez

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