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Nightmare Before Christmas: Young Boy Hung Upside Down And Beaten By Own Father

Photo from Inquirer
While most kids are busy singing Christmas carols and excitedly awaits the gifts they will receive come Christmas day, a young boy in Sta. Rosa, Laguna experienced the most traumatic Christmas ever. He was beat3n black and blue for something he wasn’t even aware of, by someone who was supposed to protect him - his own father.

Cruel Gift

While most parents are busy looking for gifts for their children this christmas, this heartless father gave his son a gift he would never forget. In a fit of anger caused by the departure of his wife due to misunderstanding, the cruel father hung his son upside down on a window sill, and repeatedly slapped and hit the poor child in the different parts of the child’s body.

In a video that has since gone viral with more or less 2 million views and thousands of shares, the father can be heard asking his son if he was happy that her mother has left. When the boy didn’t answer, the ruthless dad slapped him and hit him repeatedly.


The video, which was recorded by the father himself, was taken on December 18 and was sent to his wife’s social media account in the hope that she will come back. The video became viral in a matter of hours, and the authorities wasted no time in taking swift action against the stone-hearted father.

In a report from Inquirer News, the poor boy was rescued and is now under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The father tried to elude arrest by escaping but the arms of the law caught up with him. He was arrested and is now languishing at the Sta. Rosa City Jail.

Full Extent Of The Law

The cruel father will be charged with violation of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children. Judging from the gravity of the offense, there is a big possibility of him languishing in jail for a long time.

Photo from Inquirer
Meanwhile, the mother of the child, who went home to Ilo-Ilo because of her misunderstanding with her husband, is now expected to come back to Laguna. She will be evaluated by the DSWD to see if she is fit to take care of the abused child.


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