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FINALLY! Parents Of Bullied Boy Speaks Up

Photo from Philippine Canadian Inquirer
Amid all the outrage surrounding the bullying incident that sparked a nationwide protest against all forms of bullying, the parents of the bullied Atenean boy seen on the viral video kept their silence. Now, they finally broke their silence and issued a heartwarming message to all of us.

Poster Boy

It takes a lot of courage for the parents not to speak up or defend their son who became the unwilling poster boy for bullying victims nationwide. It very hard for parents to resist the urge to defend their son, especially since he was beaten up for no reason.

Unfortunate as the incident might seem, they take comfort in the fact that their son, have displayed excellent moral foundation in the face of violence. Their son chose to uphold his dignity and did not fight fire with fire.

Not To Be Pitied

The parents begged the public not to divulge the name of their son, because he might be forever tagged as “Bullied Boy from Ateneo”. Also, they urged the public not to pity their son, but to exalt him, because he decided to uphold his self-respect, his dignity, in exchange for physical abuse.

The parents further explained that just like other sons, their son has big dreams. He wanted to study hard, and graduate. They are confident that this unfortunate incident will not damage their son, the wounds from he suffered from this ordeal will heal, and with the help of family and friends, he will come out of this incident with his dignity intact, and head held up high.


The parents also expressed their gratitude for the people who supported their son and those who condemned the behavior of the bully. They likewise thanked the doctors who gave medical attention to their son.

They also appealed to people to stand up against bullying. Stand for what is right and just. To never give up, and to allow their voices to be heard. Only then will bullying be defeated.

Read the statement of parents of the bullied boy from Ateneo:

Source: Aaron Aguilar Lozada

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