WKO Champion Challenges Joaquin Montes: ”Ilabas mo ang tapang mo sa cage!” - The Daily Sentry

WKO Champion Challenges Joaquin Montes: ”Ilabas mo ang tapang mo sa cage!”

WKO champion, Jo Ven Costales
It is almost Christmas but netizens are still fired up with hate and dismay after video of a bu££y kid from Ateneo went viral.

A New Challenger 

The Atenean viral kid Joaquin Montes is being called out by a WKO champion, Jo Ven Costales. Netizen Kru Ronel Catalico Sibayan posted a challenge to Montes with Costales.

WKO champion, Jo Ven Costales
“Dahil bully ka, Joaquin Montes ginising mo at pinaiinit mo ang dugo namin. Ikaw ngayon papapiliin namin, dignidad o bugbog?” 

He then says,

“Ilabas mo ang tapang mo sa cage!”

Supportive Netizens 

In this, netizens are being supportive of the challenge. Although many are mocking in the comments, seems like they really wanted to teach the labeled bu££y with a hard lesson. Some netizens have expressed their desire to have a square match with Montes which the latter answered sarcastically through a Facebook account he claimed he just started to hide his identity. Montes keeps receiving hate messages and being called names after his bu££ying videos spread in social media like wildfire.

WKO champion, Jo Ven Costales
A Moral Problem 

Bu££ying per se is a far-flung moral problem that this society is facing today. People have different views on how to treat such problem and have various ideas to address such. Despite call outs from martial arts experts for a match, there were ones who spread the word to stop the hate and sharing the viral videos. One way or another, some sees Montes as another victim in this dilemma. They believe that the kid is in need of help more than his victims. However, netizens opt to side with Montes’ victims who are morally degraded and shamed in the first place.

Ateneo has released its official statement and the minors involved in this issue are now mum as it is being handled by the parents and the police.