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Senators Pangilinan And Binay Appeal To Public: “Stop Bullying The Bully”

Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan and Senator Nancy Binay, photo compiled from Inquirer and GMA Network
The bully got bullied.

This phrase rang true after Ateneo student Joaquin Montes was caught bullying another student inside their restroom in school. Montes was heard asking the student if he wants to be assaulted or he wants to preserve his dignity. Immediately after, Montes started attacking the kid until the kid went out with blood on his face.

Then all hell broke loose

After the video was posted on social media, netizens all over shared and reproduced the video. Everyone expressed their anger directed to the bully. Almost everyone is challenging him, saying stuff about his height, appearance, and plain insulting him. At one point it even went too far that people are rummaging through his photos and posting it so they can express their anger at him.

However, some do not approve of these behaviors. Because when you say mean stuff and you degrade the bully, doesn't that make you a bully too?

Senators' plea

At least two senators have already said their piece about the issue. This Friday, Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan expressed his appeal on Twitter. He asked what the difference is between the bully and those who bully him because of their anger.

“Galit tayo sa isang bully at dapat lang pero sa galit natin ‘binubully’ naman natin siya sa Facebook? So kung ganun ano ang pinagkaiba natin sa kanya?” 

“We should never, never become the monster we seek to defeat,” he added.

Another senator who expressed her thoughts is Senator Nancy Binay. She said that bullying will continue if everyone behaves like a bully.

“We must condemn all forms of bullying. But what’s bothersome, though, is the vicious cycle of bullying,”

“Bullying does not end by bullying the bully. It only worsens the culture of hate,”

“Nakakalungkot lang dahil ang social media has become infected by hatred,” she said. “Instead of being an instrument of healing, it has become a place of torment.”

“Shaming the bully is not the solution. Let’s strive to heal even the tormentors, and work for a bully-free society,”