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Maswerteng OFW, nabigyan ng sasakyan at house and lot ng kanyang employer

A lot of Filipinos are risking the odds and trying their luck in working outside of the country. The odds are 50%, there will be a chance that the employer that they will get is abusive, but there is a chance that they'll end up getting lucky and having kind-hearted and generous employers.

Lucky OFW

One such OFW is 47-year old Dina Tenerife Celo who is a domestic helper in Abu Dhabi. She ended up with a kindhearted employer who treated her like family. Back in 2017, her employer, Melissa McPike who is an American married to an Emirati gave her Dh23,000 or P328,300 to buy a lot in her hometown in Camarines Sur, Philippines.

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It didn't stop there. The employer also made sure that the construction cost is well taken care of. In no time, Dina's 2bedroom house was done and completed, all thanks to her employer.

Melissa said that they didn't treat Dina as an employee but as a part of their family.

'It was the least she could do for Dina by helping her own her dream home. We do not consider her as an employee. She is one of our family. She has done so much for me and my children when they were young. I wanted to give back something to her."

Family and more gifts

The generosity of the employer did not stop there. Dina's son is working in the United Arab Emirates, and she spends her day off taking 2 buses to reach her son so they can spend time together. However, with the recent rerouting that the buses had to take, Dina ended up having to take 5 buses just to get to her son.

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Taking pity on her, the employer decided to give her a car! What a lucky OFW!

"She (Melissa) always sees me chasing after the bus to visit my son who lives in another part of the country. It normally takes me two bus rides to pay him a visit which can prove to be tiresome. I am very thankful for this present. After the rerouting in December, what used to be two bus rides now turned to five."