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‘Alak’ Challenge: Young Man Dies After Alcohol Intoxication On New Year’s Eve

Photo compiled from Ice Ignacio's Facebook account
Holidays and rare occasions are sweet and memorable if shared with our beloved family and friends. Apart from good laughs, sumptuous foods, stories shared, alcohol drinks keep the bond of the group. However, alcohol intake is always advised to be taken lightly. Like what we often hear from the adults, an excess of anything is bad.

Holiday Games 

On the recent holiday season, certain games went viral on Facebook that made every gathering have tried on. Games and challenges with corresponding paper monies became common to every program just to instill fun. One, in particular, is the alcohol challenge wherein various alcoholic drinks were laid on the table. Every kind has corresponding money that one would definitely get after he or she bottoms up the liquor served. However, this kind of game isn’t advisable to many for it might lead to some serious problems.

Alcohol Intoxication 

A Facebook netizen, Ice Ignacio took to social media the knock of adversity to his childhood friend after alcohol intoxication. His friend passed away last December 31, right on the exact time where everyone gathers up to meet the new year coming. The netizen shared that his friend joined such game where alcohol shots corresponded with money. Luckily he won but didn’t see the upcoming exchange of fate. In the picture are various heavy drinks such as Emperador, Alfonso, Tanduay, and Black Label.

Warning Post 

The very reason why Ignacio made such post is to create awareness that excessive and mixing hard drinks at a time isn’t advisable. Little do we know that it might inflict to some serious health condition or worse lead to d3ath. On the other hand, he wishes peaceful rest for his dear childhood friend.

Netizens were quick to spread the word and awareness with their friends. Some send their sincere condolences to the uploader.

Read full post below:

Sleeptight my childhood friend.

Guys, share ko lang cause of death nya pra aware din kayo and maiwasan. He died due to alcohol intoxication last Dec 31. Yung pa-games na iinumin mo yung mga alcohol shots with corresponding money. He won that game pero eto yung kapalit.. 😞 lahat kami nabigla.

Source: Ice Ignacio