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ABS-CBN's ex-news director lectures Locsin, Geisler on network's looming closure

Composite photos of Angel Locsin and Baron  Geisler
Jay Sonza, a vocal Duterte supporter dominating the social media who used to be ABS-CBN's news director, producer and presenter, lectured the network's actors who expressed strong sentiments against channel 2's possible non-renewal of its franchise.

Sonza specifically referred to Angel Locsin and Baron Geisler in his Facebook post, where the former ABS-CBN employee tried to give the two a look of the other side of the network — cases of employee maltreatment that allegedly took place.

Read his commentary below:

I can understand why Angel Locsin, Baron Geisler, and other television performers are so passionate in expressing their strong sentiments on the possibility of a non extension of franchise to abs-cbn broadcasting corporation.

Simple. they earn their living and the perks of fame from the network. Alangan naman na upakan nila ang himpilang nagpapakain say kanila.
But only to educate these hombre, let me share some information to these young and new breed of talents.
GMA-turned-ABS-CBN actress, Angel Locsin.
Longtime Kapamilya actor, Baron Geisler.
1. the company is not 65 years old. abs or Alto Broadcasting Service of the Quirino family was annexed (itanong nyo sa mga Lopez paano nila nakuha) by Chronicle Broadcasting Network of the Lopez clan and merged in 1959. abs-cbn was taken out of commission from 1972 to 1986 (14 year-shut down).

2. The company is one big violator of existing laws of the land:
= more than 90 percent of their employees are victims of ENDO or labor only contracting despite working practically 24/7 Monday to Sunday. Check their labor cases pending before NLRC numbering hundreds.
= almost 90 percent are given their due social amelioration as provided by law regardless of work status including but not limited to SSS, PhilHealth and Pagibig Fund coverages. Simply ask any 'talent employee" if they have one.
= the company is not honest and religious in paying their taxes, tarrif, duties, etc. Proof of these are their cases before tax courts.
Former part of ABS-CBN news team, Jay Sonza
3. While the network projects publicly their concern and compassion, take a look of these samples:
- Ruth Abao Espinosa = radio announcer and TV news and public affairs program presenter. She got pregnant. went on maternity leave. Hindi na pinabalik sa trabaho.

- Izza Renovated Cruz = news producer and writer. nabuntis. nanganak. nagpapasuso. pinabalik sa trabaho mula 11 ng hatinggabi hanggang 7 ng umaga.
- Public donations sa abs cbn Foundation pinambili ng lupa at sasakyan, pinagpatayo ng gusali at pinamigay na donasyon sa Ateneo Alumni Association.

4. Huwag na nating pag-usapan ang iba pang kah@layan at pangangalunya sa loob ng bakuran. Huwag na nating pangalanan ang mga artista at program hosts at news anchors na bumababa mula sa penthouse ng bagong paligo o may pabahay o pakotse.

Gaya ng tinuran. I don't blame these people for expressing their thoughts.
Jay Sonza's Facebook post screenshot
Source: Jay Sonza