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Ano nga ba ang Epekto sa Katawan ang Pagkain ng Saging Araw-araw?

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Banana is a kind of fruit we usually see in the dining table ready to be consumed before meals. It is common here in the Philippines and can be easily found in the market. Like any of its kinds, banana has various benefits offered.

1. Lowers Cholesterol

An average banana has 12 percent of fiber daily value that an individual needs. It is rich in fiber and by that, it means regular bowel movement. It also helps in lowering cholesterol level and blood sugar control. Since it is rich in fiber, it has a tendency to slow your digestion, making you feel full after intake. It is one of the perfect foods to go to if you need to cut some weight and calories.

2. Prevents Cancer 

Like they all say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Science breakthroughs haven’t defined the cure for cancer and it is plaguing the world until today. As of now, it is best to be prevented through balanced diet, fruits, and vegetables. Fiber-rich bananas can help prevent colorectal cancer. The vitamin C content of banana lowers the risk of esophageal cancer, as based on the studies of American Institute for Cancer Research.

3. Maintains Blood Pressure 

Blood pressure should be maintained. High blood pressure can lead to serious health issues and can deteriorate internal organs. It may lead to heart and brain diseases, kidney failure, and worst, stroke. In order to keep the normal blood pressure, one is advised to eat foods rich in potassium and one of those is banana. It has 12 percent of the daily value of potassium.

4. Strengthens Bones 

If you want to have strong bones and prevent osteoporosis in the future, regularly eat a banana to achieve such a goal. It is a potassium-rich fruit which helps in reducing the risk of bone loss.

5. Substitute For A Sport Drink 

A study conducted by Appalachian State University shows that banana is an effective fuel performance for workouts. It works wonder more than the sports drinks available in the market today. Healthy and organic, it is advised to be taken before or mid-workout. Its potassium content prevents dehydration and its carbohydrates can be quickly converted to energy.