Dalawang Kabataan Patay Matapos Tamaan ng Kidlat Habang Naglalaro ng Mobile Legends sa Bundok - The Daily Sentry

Dalawang Kabataan Patay Matapos Tamaan ng Kidlat Habang Naglalaro ng Mobile Legends sa Bundok

Photo from CNN Philippines
Two Teens Playing Mobile Games Killed By Lightning

Mobile games are a lot of people's way to escape reality and enjoy for a bit before going back to living their lives. Playing games per se is not bad or lethal, it just becomes dangerous when it becomes excessive or sometimes in a just a strike of luck - or should we say lightning.

Lightning strike

Two 18-year old cousins from Camarines Norte lost their lives as they were struck by lighting while playing online games Saturday afternoon.

According to police reports, Jimboy Magsino Lora and Jericho Compra Lora were looking for mobile signal that Saturday afternoon resulting them to go out of their house in Barangay Patag Ilaya, in Sta. Elena. They sat near a tree in a high part of the mountain where the lightning struck.

Their bodies were burned beyond recognition as well as their mobile phones when they were found. As of writing, these are the only details the police of Cam arines Norte released.

Do lightning strike the highest point?

Contrary to popular belief, lightning does not always strike the highest point that it can. It just do so normally, because the highest point, the tree where the cousins sat for example, provided the easiest access for the lightning to reach the ground.

If the boys were playing in one of the highest point of the mountain, and then were sitting near another high object, then it makes sense that they got struck when the lightning struck.

While nobody wanted this to happen, may this be an example for those who are too dedicated to their online gaming. Yes, online games are good hobbies but when it comes to your life, nothing is more important. Choose your life instead of the less than 10-minute game that you might lose if you go find safety. Choose safety. ALWAYS.

Source: CNN Philippines