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Poor Father Saves Coins For Years Just To Buy Shoes For His Son

Photo from PhilNews
Poor Father  Who Saved Coins For Years To Buy His Son Shoes Wowed The Netizens

A father's selfless love to his children is one of the most admirable love there is. Most dads will even forget themselves as long as their kids have something to eat. Netizens are lucky to witness one such father when Facebook page Philippine Trends and News posted a series of photos that show a loving father buying his son shoes with coins.

Years in the making

According to the post, the father was counting coins that he had saved in a piggy bank for year, just so he can buy his son shoes. The post is aiming for the people to share the goodness that the father has.

Photo from PhilNews
In the photos, it is apparent that the father was counting the coins while his son was waiting by his side.

Lifetime selflessness

The post also said that the old man is willing to sacrifice everything as long as he is alive. He is willing to do everything to provide for his children and make sure they are raised properly.

Netizens couldn't help but express their awe in how selfless this father is. The out pour of comments bidding them Godbless is overwhelming.

Pledges of help

Throughout the comment, netizens, even those who are not rich are trying to find out the contact details of the old man. They say they want to buy them shoes and help in any way they can.

One Facebook user named Jj Ong replied to those who are asking for contact details and said that the old man is from Surigao Del Norte. As of this writing, there is no update if anybody was able to locate the family and give some help.

Share this story, we never know, we just might be the way to which the old man and his family can get the help that they need.

Source: PhilNews