Filipina DH Pleads For Rescue In Saudi: "Binubugbog, Pinapakain ng Parang Pagkain ng Aso" - The Daily Sentry

Filipina DH Pleads For Rescue In Saudi: "Binubugbog, Pinapakain ng Parang Pagkain ng Aso"

Photo from Honeyjhon Bahian
Filipina DH Pleads For Rescue After Beaten And Cruelly Treated By Employers In Saudi Arabia

Filipina workers in the Middle East are the most prone to danger and abuse. Oftentimes, we see Pinay workers asking for rescue from their employers through social media. They are treated badly and rudely despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s ban on sending workers in the Middle East once last year. Although lifted already, the event does not seem to become a threat for foreign employers to change how they badly treat their Pinay employees.

A Call For Rescue 

Honeyjhon Bahian expressed her concern regarding a Pinay worker in Saudi Arabia. She posted the video of the abused helper who shares her horror story with her employer. Bahian pleads to OFWs to send help and rescue the poor Pinay worker.

"Guys nid ko po help nio..tulungan ntin si kabayan ..nag papatulong sya dto sa al khobar binubugbog po sya ng amo niang babae at lhat silang magpapamlya yung pagkaen nya parang pagkain ng aso tapos po konti lang yung oras ng tulog nya at ang kanyang trbho ay apat na bahay, tapos po ang knyang sahod na dalawang buwan hndi binigay at pag magssahod po sya ay kinakaltasan ng 50sr."

“Sir mam maawa na po kayo ..Wla dw po syang alam pr na po syang natrauma magugulatin at umiiyak na lng po.”


The domestic helper was identified as Alira Dappang Unding. She was beaten and given improper treatment by her employers. She eats leftover food, sleeps on the floor, and only given 2 hours of rest each day. Apart from that, her mobile phone, documents, and pocket money were confiscated too. Worst, Unding’s employer refuses to provide her salary for four months.

Photo from Honeyjhon Bahian
“..Wla syang documento kc laht knuha ng amo nya oltimo pera nyang pinas knuha ..gamit nya wla dn po yung tulog po ni kabayan 2hrs po tas derecho na work nya”

Alira is from Zamboanga, Basilan and was able to fly to the Middle East to work as a helper through Businesswise, a recruitment agency. Furthermore, her recruiter is identified as Sahara Tabogga having a contact number: 09277455588. Here are the details of her employer:

Name: Nadiah Al Thubaiti
Address: Abah Street Thuagbah 3057 Al Khobar Saudi Arabia, House No. 99.

A Relief 

Today, Alira was already rescued from her employer’s cruelty, according to a netizen. They reported the case in the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and made a call to the victim’s husband.

Source: OFW Update