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Friday, September 6, 2019

"Kung May Cancer Ka, Huwag Mong Ipagalaw sa Doktor", Cancer Survivor Exposes

Photo from Nica Anne Sitchon-Macaspac
Cancer Survivor Shares Her Journey After She Stopped Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has long been accepted as the most common cancer treatment for many. In fact, when cancer patients ask how much time they have, the answer of the doctors are estimates including the chemotherapy effects already. Does this mean that chemotherapy is not good for cancer patients after all?

It kills all cells

Cancer Survivor Nica Anne Sitchon-Macaspac posted her advice on Facebook about not opting for chemo for her osteosarcoma cancer. According to her, the chemotherapy not only kills the cancer cells but also the good cells.

This is a sureway for bodies to deteriorate. She recounted how she was confined when she had cancer. She underwent chemotherapy to help her recover from cancer. However, instead of healing her, her situation got worse. To the point that she can't even stand, all her strength withered away and she just spent her days in her wheelchair.

Alternative treatment

Because she felt her strength ebbing away, she decided to stop chemotherapy to try science-based alternative treatment. As per advice from her friend, she started wearing socks with silver ions and wristband made with silver and copper ions. Her diet also changed. She just ate vegetables and stopped eating processed food.

Just a week after that, she felt her strength come back. She was able to stand and walk without her wheelchair and she was even able to take her son to school.

Her tumors also shrunk giving her high hopes that she would soon be declared cancer-free by her doctors.

Her post quickly went viral. Prayers and encouragement flooded her comments sections. All are wishing that she gets through her predicament unscathed. In the end of her post, she advised people to also consider alternative-science-based treatment for cancer. Sometimes, it pays if you don't trust your whole treatment to doctors according to her.
Photo from Nica Anne Sitchon-Macaspac
Read her Full post below:

“KUNG MAY CANCER ka, huwag na huwag mong ipapagalaw ang tumor mo sa doctor. Kasi pag pinahawak mo yan sa doctor, wala na yan. Kakalat na yan sa buong katawan mo. Ito po ang aking kuwento.”

“Binigyan ng taning ng doctor ang buhay ko dahil may osteosarcoma cancer ako. Na confine ako sa ospital. Nag chemo ako pero walang nangyari. Hanggang na confine ako sa wheelchair.”

“Nagsimula ko ng natural at science-based alternative treatment noong February 21, 2017. Recommendation po ito ni Miss Marlene Aguilar. Pinag-suot niya ako ng medyas with silver ions at waistband na may silver and copper ions 24/7. Binago din niya ang diet ko. Sabi niya dapat gulay, prutas at legumes ang kainin ko. Ibinawal din niyang kumain ako ng processed food. Sinunod ko po ang payo niya.”

“1 week later naka-punta na po ako sa school ng anak ko. Nakakapag-lakad na rin po ako ng medyo malayo-layo ngayon. At lumiit na rin po ang mga cancer tumors ko sa braso.”

“Kung may cancer po kayo, eto po ang payo ko. Huwag kayong umasa sa doctor at ospital kasi hindi nila kayo kayang pagalingin. Natural and science-based alternative medication treatment po ang makaka heal sa inyo.

Noong unang panahon wala namang mga doctor at ospital e bakit noon nabubuhay ang mga tao ng matagal?

Nica Anne Sitchon-Macaspac aka Nica Anne Stchn
Cancer Survivor