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Duterte to de Lima: Itali kita sa kwitis na malaki, pasiritin ko doon sa Spratlys

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A triggered Pres. Rodrigo Duterte talked about how annoyed he is at Sen. de Lima's statement on his West Philippine Sea approach, Friday.

The annoyed Chief Executive jokingly told the reporters at the Palace that he plans to buy the biggest rocket fireworks to have the detained senator sent to the West Philippine Sea.

Duterte made the remarks following de Lima's warning of possible impeachment against him after his comment that Chinese fishermen will be allowed to fish in Philippine's EEZ (exclusive economic zone).

“Kung ano-anong pinag-isip… nandoon sa presohan si De Lima. Kung ano na lang ang sinasabi, attack, ganon. Ikaw, itali kita ng kwitis na malaki, ikaw ang pa… pasiritin ko doon sa Spratlys,” he said.

“I will order in Bulacan the greatest… the biggest kwitis that we can ever make. Itali kita, sindihan ko. Mauna ka na doon,” Pres. Duterte continued.

In addition, he mentioned that he would send Ronnie Dayan next using a smaller rocket. Dayan is de Lima’s former bodyguard who was rumored to be her boyfriend.

The president implied that the opposition senator needs to shut up as she has no moral authority to rally against him.

“No, you do not have the moral right. Not even… Kaya kung ayaw mo pag-usapan ‘yan kasi sabi mo may mga anak ka, eh ‘yung… Do not tempt too much na ‘pag marunong ka. You keep quiet,” Duterte said.

“You clear yourself, prove to us that hindi ikaw, si ano ‘yon, kung sino ‘yon kamukha mo lang. O baka ayaw mo lang sabihin may twin sister ka, that it was another person. Or you just don’t want to say you have a twin sister,” he added.

De Lima claimed that the tough-talking president's statement implied “a pattern of an open and brazen disregard of the rule of law and betrayal of the national interest.”

Source: Manila Bulletin