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Yeng Constantino drew flak over Siargao hospital mishap vlog

Screengrab from Constantino's vlog

Singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino is now under fire after vlogging their "traumatic experience" in a hospital in Siargao.

The ABS-CBN star uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel on Jul 18, 2019 which has now 866,584 views and counting.

The video that earned more dislike than likes (16,000 likes and 49,000 dislikes) obviously did not sit well with many netizens who may or may not be part of her 911,000 subscribers.

According to Constantino, the mishap began after her husband, Victor "Yan" Asuncion, whom she wedded back in 2015, went on cliff diving.

Asuncion fell badly, causing him to have a head injury. Yeng's husband soon manifested its symptoms, which among them is temporary memory loss.

On her vlog, Constantino elaborated how the already tragic event got even worse because of how the the hospital's doctor handled the situation, not to mention the island's poor hospital facilities, as detailed by the singer-songwriter.

She said a doctor went to her and told her "Umupo ka", in a manner which the ABS-CBN artist described as too calm, as if invalidating Yeng's anxious feeling.

Constantino's response was "ay, ok lang po 'ko, tatayo na lang po 'ko, dito lang po ako, di ko po kayang umupo."

Later, as she was observing Yan from afar, the singer claimed that the said doctor approached her and with "pointing finger" said: "Masyado kang seryoso. Seryoso ka. Hwag kang masyadong seryoso, umupo ka, magdasal ka lang."

Constantino implied that she did not see the urgency and the comforting words that she was expecting from the doctor she identified as Esterlina Luzares Tan.

The young singer expressed great disappointment with the said doctor that she kept on repeating the doctor's name whose picture she shown on her vlog — a gesture that netizens protested about, saying it's against the law.

Nonetheless, the singer did not blame the "traumatic experience" fully to the doctor alone. With medical equipment that are not being used to aid in emergency situations such as that of his husband's, Constantino voiced out her dismay over the provincial hospital's management.

She also mentioned an instance where the nurse was telling her that they encountered an error on the X-ray done to her husband which is why Constantino was not handed the result. However, as the celebrity narrated, the doctor suddenly interrupted the nurse and told her that it was okay since they have another equipment to use in checking Yan's condition.

According to Yeng, they later found out that the person in charge in doing the x-ray was not in the hospital yet, causing her to think that it was the reason behind the error: the ones who initially did it were not the right medical personnel who were supposed to do it.

In return, netizens bashed the channel 2 artist, with some saying they were once Constantino's fans but not anymore due to what she did which they labeled as "doctor shaming".

Some said that the way she reacted on the situation was "inappropriate" and just showed her "entitlement".

Others even defended the doctor that she named on the vlog, to whom she expressed her dismay.

There was also one who questioned the singer's purpose in uploading such video while there were people who lectured Constantino about the hospital's handling.

To date, the singer's vlog is still posted and is not taken down despite of some netizens' plea for her to remove it. There were also some who threatened the singer of their unsubscription to her channel.
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Image from Constantino's Instagram
Update: The video is currently unavailable on the singer's channel as it was set to private, as displayed on YouTube.

Source: Yeng Constantino's YouTube Channel