Bukod sa gamot sa dengue, eto pa ang mga nakakamanghang benepisyo ng Tawa-tawa - The Daily Sentry

Bukod sa gamot sa dengue, eto pa ang mga nakakamanghang benepisyo ng Tawa-tawa

Mga benepisyo ng tawa-tawa
Nature is a wonderful gift to us. Aside from the beauty that it brings, it can also be a great way to take care of our health and bodies. An example of a plant that can bring both is the tawa-tawa. In fact, it has a lot of benefits, not only for dengue.

Asthma (Hika) - Tawa-tawa essence can be mixed with any drink to lessen the symptoms of asthma. Another way to use it is to boil the leaves and drink the water.

Dengue - This is the most common way to use tawa-tawa. The whole plant including the roots are boiled and then the water is drank like tea.

Diarrhea (Pagtatae) - The water from the boiled leaves of tawa-tawa can also be drank to help ease diarrhea.

Buni (Ringworm) - The essence of tawa-tawa plant can be applied to ringworms to ease the effect.

Stye (Kuliti) - Another condition that can be treated by the essence of tawa-tawa is stye. Apply on the affected eye directly.

Fever (Lagnat) - The roots of the plant can be boiled, the water from the boiled roots can lower the body’ temperature.

Abscess (Pigsa) - The leaves can be ground and then applied on the affected area.

Breastfeeding (Pagpapasuso) - The water from the boiled tawa-tawa can also be drank by breastfeeding moms to increase their milk supply.

Wound (Sugat) - Ground tawa-tawa leaves can also fasten the healing process of wounds. Just apply directly on the wound after cleaning.

Hypertension / High Blood Pressure (Altapresyon) - Water from boiled tawa-tawa leaves can be drank regularly to maintain and prevent high blood pressure.

Cataract / Eye Irritation (Katarata/Iritasyon sa Mata) - The essence of tawa-tawa is often dropped on the affected eye to lessen the irritation and symptoms of cataract and eye irritation.

Along with these amazing benefits of tawa-tawa, remember that proper diet and a healthy lifestyle will always be the key to a longer and healthier life.